Design on Target is a Veteran-Owned Web Design company dedicated to Churches and Non-Profits.

David Roberson | Owner and CEO


I served my country for nearly two decades and embraced every opportunity to grow. As a veteran, I received educational benefits that led to degrees in both Web Design and Internet Marketing.

Design on Target was born in the spring of 2011. We started by serving clients in all industries but the question that led to refocusing our mission was, “God, how would you have us attach real purpose to the desires you’ve given us?” and so here we are today.

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Teamwork makes the Dream Work.

We are small but we are strong and dedicated to a common mission – increasing the reach of your church ministry through Custom Web Design and Social Media Marketing. The work we do would not be possible without a collective effort and no one is bigger than the team.

In fact, we think of our team as more like a family. One of the greatest benefits of a small close-knit team is the cohesion we build from working together side by side. We share that benefit with our clients too. We’re huge believers in building strong working relationships internally and with the organizations, teams and people we serve.

We hope to build a lasting relationship with you while expanding your ministry and His message. Follow the link below and Tell Us Your Story – we’d love to connect!

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