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How to Hire a Top Quality Web Designer 

The visual quality of your website matters just as much as its textual content. In other words, those two have to go together. To achieve a well thought out design that not only looks good but also represents your brand, a trusted web designer should be at the helm of website creation.

So how do you find a top quality web designer? What do you do when you want someone to design your website but don’t have the technical knowledge to know whether the person you’re considering is any good or not? Well, there are certain factors you can look into to figure out how to hire a top quality web designer.

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Adobe Says Flash Is Finally a Goner

Is this the headline everyone has been waiting for: Adobe says Flash is finally a goner? Just recently, Adobe announced that is killing off Flash come 2016. But to be clear, they are not getting rid of Flash Player (the browser plugin) as they have stated support for that technology will continue for a couple more years. What’s being killed off is Flash Professional, which is the tool that creates Flash animations.

Adobe is releasing a Creative Cloud update in January 2016 and Flash Professional is going to still be there, but in disguise. For the update, the Flash authoring tool will be rebranded as Adobe Animate CC. The features are practically the same: it produces SWF (Flash) files and it still supports Adobe’s AIR runtime. But a few additions have been made: it will now support the creation of files HTML5 and WebGL.

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