Web Design and Social Marketing solutions that tell your story and increase your reach.

We Specialize in Telling Your Story

A successful online presence is about telling your story and connecting your audience. We create that story through pixel perfect design and social marketing solutions that maximize your ability to connect.

Custom Web Design

FACT: 3 out of 4 people will visit your website before visiting your campus

More than 50% of those same visitors will judge the credibility of your organization based on the design of your website. There are plenty of statistics that affect visitor conversion but we don’t want to bury you with numbers. Understanding many factors and having a strategy is vital to accomplishing your online goals. We stay up on statistics and industry trends in order to set you up for success. The process is not as easy but it can be simple.

Cost-Effective Build Options

Full Custom Builds

Our Full Custom Buildout is 100% custom from the ground up. However, we also have a Custom Build Retainer option which takes a portion of the cost upfront and divides the rest into installments. Through this retainer option we can offer cost-effective terms on beautiful custom built websites which keeps our premium service accessible to all size ministries.

Premium Theme Builds

The organizations we work with vary in size and budget. While we specialize in Custom Web and WordPress Design, we do offer Premium Theme Customization and Buildout. This type of build uses a Premium Theme as the starting point which reduces build time and cost. The great part is you still get the same hands on design service and close interaction with our design team.
We are always committed to excellence.

Get our detailed Pricing Guide now. It covers Full Custom Builds, Premium Theme Builds, Custom Build Retainers and other available options.

Social Marketing

FACT: Over 80% of Internet users in the US have an active Social Media profile

It’s true you only get one chance to make a first impression and many of your first introductions are going to happen through your Social Media Network. Whether the goal is brand awareness, lead generation or a targeted campaign, the power and presence of your your Social Media Channels are vital to expanding your reach and connecting with new visitors and current members.

The team at Design on Target will tailor a Social Media Marketing Strategy to fit your needs at any given stage. Campaigns are developed to fit the current purpose or need, which could be anything from brand recognition, event promotions, product releases and anything in-between. We map out a visually detailed plan so you can see the process clearly and understand how each component works together. We can connect all of your active social accounts but we put special focus on those networks that offer the greatest impact and reach for the ministry.

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