3 Reasons to Embrace the use of Mobile Devices in Church

In today’s society it’s safe to say most American’s share an, “always connected” mentality. In fact Pew Research reveals that 92% of adults in the U.S. own some type of mobile phone and a whopping 90% of them frequently keep their phone with them. Nearly half of all mobile users say they rarely or never, turn their cell phone off. Most of you reading this are likely not surprised.

Even for those of us who were around before the cell phone – it’s easy to forget what life was like when the closest thing we had to a mobile call happened inside of a telephone booth.

So what does the revolution of mobile technology mean for the church? Depending on which generation you belong to you may already be against mobile technology in the church or absolutely for it.

In either case, please allow us to offer you just a few points – five to be exact – that may show mobile technologies positive impact on the church.

#1 Site for Sore Eyes

Using a mobile device during church is even more frowned upon than it is during a movie. In fact, 96% of Americans view mobile device use as unacceptable during religious services as opposed to 95% during movies. However, adding a bit of perspective to that question yields a very different result.

If you throw in a variable like using a tablet to follow along with scripture reading, then you might get a response that starts with something more like, “Oh, well in that case…”

That’s exactly what an AT&T Research Survey revealed. When the use of mobile technology falls inline with advancing the message and connecting with the ministry, the previously mentioned 96% is reduced by nearly half.

Mobile technology and apps like YouVersion make scripture access and note taking – fast, efficient and beneficial in many ways beyond just being convenient. For many reading from a mobile device is easer on the eyes and can be adjusted to the users needs.

#2 The Digital Natives are Restless

Many churches are finding it difficult to bring Millennials into the church and keep them there consistently. There are others that are finding the various keys to growing and connecting with these 18 – 30ish members of their organization. There are several keys to reaching this community with three of those main factors being:

Music that is rich in content – This is not so much focused on style – that’s another story and an important one as well. But, the greater focus for this group is on the meaning behind the worship and their connection to it.

Authenticity in worship – Millennials have an uncanny ability to see through a “performance” and will readily reject worship or teaching that they perceive to be less than genuine or for show.

Quality worship and preparation – a large generation that is ready for a pastor and worship team that is prepared. They want leadership that will put time into quality teaching and authentic worship. (Rainer)

Separate articles can be written on each of those three ideas. From a mobile technology perspective it’s all about creating access and a connection to the above. Having the ability connect to that authentic message and worship through mobile media and then take it a step further and share it in real time on the social network is a game changer.

The millennial generation makes up the largest group of users in both regards so you might imagine the power mobile technology has here when used effectively and most importantly – with a spirit filled and authentic message

#3 Point, Click, Give

The third and final point on this topic today is the power behind online giving and tithing and optimizing your platforms for mobile.

Recent stats show that online giving is steadily increasing in general but more specifically for churches – approximately 49% of all church giving transactions are made with a card and 60% of the church reports a willingness to give digitally. (N|P Source)

A large part of how effectively this is implemented in your church or organization will come down to the platforms you use, how user friendly and easy the process is and how accessible you make it.

The truth of the matter is that many members of the church would give more if the process was more accessible and could be done easily and from a mobile device.

Well, that does it for the mobile round up quick tips for today. We hope you found some value in this article. As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or request a quote.

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