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5 Key Design Elements of Successful Church Websites

One of the first words that might come to mind with the thought of creating your church website design is, overwhelming The possibilities seem to be...
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RSS, Semantics and Social Sharing – “Feed me Seymour!”

It's time to EAT! When it comes to RSS (Really Simple Syndicate) Feeds, I’d say “feed” is a most appropriate term You are hungry for...
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3 Reasons to Embrace the use of Mobile Devices in Church

In today’s society it’s safe to say most American’s share an, “always connected” mentality In fact Pew Research reveals that 92% of adults...
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Market Your Website: Don’t be dressed up with no place to go!

Get up, get out and do something! Imagine the time it takes to get ready for a major event - one that calls for a tuxedo If you’re like me you may...
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28 Facts to Know Before Building a Church Website in WordPress

WordPress has definitely been the gentle giant CMS for of all types of organizations - including churches – who want an affordable and efficient...
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